Nutrition Counseling

Individual, family, and group counseling sessions for

disordered eating (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other eating disorders),

healthy body image, recovery from chronic dieting, and general wellness.



Initial Assessment


During the first session I will begin to really get to know you and your struggles with food.  Through a series of questions and discussion I will work to understand your past and present medical, physical, and nutritional status and together we will create a treatment plan.  

The session will include:

  • assessment of current eating and exercise habits

  • analysis of medical history and physical health as it relates to nutritional intake

  • realistic, individualized goal setting

  • nutrition education

  • tips and techniques for success

  • development of a personalized meal plan, to be given at follow-up 

  • coordination with other providers as needed

Follow-Up Consultations


Follow-up is a critical component to any successful nutrition therapy program.  During these sessions we will be able to explore your relationship with food and your body, challenge thought distortions and food myths, eliminate roadblocks, and work together to monitor and adjust your plan in order to help you achieve long-lasting recovery from your food struggles.  

These sessions will include:

  • ongoing personalized education

  • revision of goals as needed

  • monitoring of physical and emotional progress towards food-related goals

  • counseling and support

  • trouble-shoooting

  • coordination of care with other providers

  • family work as needed

  • strategies for maintaining your new healthier lifestyle!

Methods of Payment


Accepting cash, check, and credit cards.  Although I do not accept insurance, some insurance companies may provide you with reimbursement for fees.  Call your insurance company to inquire about this benefit.  Superbills provided upon request.  

Chula Vista, CA
Point Loma
San Diego, CA


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