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Food should be fun!

It should be a pleasure, a delight, a tool for feeling great and living your best life.

Nutrition and health are about so much more than numbers on the scale

and calories in and out; health is about being truly well:

Treating your body with kindness, feeling connected, and living with joy...

Being gentle with yourself and embracing your humanness.


There is so much nutrition information available today,

but so much of it is inaccurate and even harmful.

In reality, our bodies were designed to work in harmony with the food that we eat.

Cravings, hunger, fullness, and satiety are all there to provide you

with valuable feedback regarding your body's needs. 


If you’ve lost connection to your body, it may seem that you will never find your way back.

Relearning how to hear what your body has to say

and trusting in your ability to honor your body's innate cues 

to help you feel really good, inside and out,

are skills that are well within reach.

Let's do this!

intuitive eating
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