Groups & Classes


Groups provide an incredible opportunity to develop support, build connection, and find empowerment in recovery.  In the group setting you will be able to connect with others who are finding their way through recovery, just like you.  It's a great place to explore new concepts, build skills, and discover that



Eating Disorder Support Group

Come together with other like-minded individuals to create community around your recovery!  This group is a wonderful space to explore struggles, share ideas, and gain support on your food freedom journey. 


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Class:  Raising Body-Positive Kids

Join me for this 1.5 hour class to learn the ​key info you will need to help your kids to grow up feeling good in their skin.  As a mom, I am particularly passionate about this topic so get ready to learn a LOT!!!  

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Binge Eating Intensive Group


This group is a unique combination of therapy, mindful eating support, nutrition education, intuitive movement, and community building!  Ideal for those who struggle with binge eating, chronic dieting, 

body image distress, and weight struggles.

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