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Groups provide an incredible opportunity to develop support, build connection, and find empowerment in recovery.  In the group setting you will be able to connect with others who are finding their way through recovery, just like you.  It's a great place to explore new concepts, build skills, and discover that



Full-Out Recovery

Group Coaching

12 Week accelerator program for

healing Food & Body Struggles

This comprehensive container is the perfect starting point for your full-out recovery!

12 weeks of individualized meal plan and lifestyle guidance, tons of group support, food and body image re-education, and real-life holistic skills practice to help you make massive shifts in the the way you think and feel about food and your body. 

This group program is totally for you if you:

- are DONE with feeling like you have no power over food

- are tired of missing out on life because you are so unhappy in your body

- feel like food and weight are overwhelming and you don't know what to do anymore

-feel alone in the struggle, like everyone else is #winning and you cannot seem to get it together 

-want the deep-dive immersion with education, personalized support, accountability, and multiple touch-points throughout the week

This program includes:

-highly personalized meal plan and lifestyle guidance

-once weekly group sessions with focused individualized coaching and support

-once weekly education groups to teach you all you need to know to really understand food, weight, and health 

-private Facebook group for real-time support and encouragement along the way

-and serious dedication and commitment from ME as your recovery dietitian and coach!  I want you to feel amazing in your skin, free of the food struggles, and I will absolutely walk with you every step of the way.  


If you are ready to say buh-bye to dieting forever,

join us!



Weekly Group Support For Full Embodiment in Recovery and Beyond


Having the support of like-minded community is critical to long-term recovery success... 

Join us as we come together to cultivate a beautiful, wild, vibrant life in recovery and beyond! 

This weekly group is for you if you:

have done a fair amount of recovery work, still struggle from time to time, but are SO committed to being DONE already with diet culture

- feel ALONE, like nobody really fully "gets" your newfound food and body freedom

- want to start living fully, but can't seem to take the steps you know you need to take in order to get there

- wish you had a deeper, more consistent connection to joy, passion, community, your intuition, the universe and all the things in between.

- want FRIENDS who think and live like you do: who are also on the path of finding recovery, growth, and fierce self-love 

If this resonates with you, then this is SO for you! 

We meet once a week to connect, support, educate, lift up, and step out TOGETHER into this brave new world.


We talk food, body image, relationships, work/life balance, stress, emotions, culture, daily practices, living in your "gifts"... and so much more.  We explore ALL the life things, in order to continue to deepen your food/body/soul recovery journey.


This is THE container to figure out how to truly step in to all that you are, all that you are here to do, ESPECIALLY if you are someone who is meant to live outside the box (a.k.a. pretty much everyone who recovers from disordered eating!!!). 

Your people are calling... I'm one of them!  If you're dying to find your "tribe" and you're ready to expand and step into the highest version of your epic life,

don't miss this!

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